How I ended up in Belgium: Leaving orthodox Georgia to chase opportunities

Elene Sainishvili, a 19 year old woman is posing in front of some plants.

Elene moved from Georgia to Belgium to study engineering, hoping for a better future /Credit: Evy Coeckelbergs


When I was eight, I knew I wanted to leave the country. The typical Georgian life – study, marry, work, die – is not made for me. I wanted more than the average Georgian. I knew I wanted to leave …

From the Taliban to the streets of Brussels, this is my story

interviewee photo in Brussels at Fedasil

From Afghanistan to the streets of Brussels / FOTO: Lovis Somer


All people chase their hopes and ambition. I, on the other hand, chased something that is self-evident for most: a safe country.  I knew the Taliban were looking for me and that it was dangerous for us to have the …