Orapan Tongkong: revolutionizing the skating world

| Dit artikel past in een opdracht voor studenten uit het tweede jaar met als onderwerp cmp - beeldenverteller.

Orapan Tongkong © Joel Chan


Orapan Tongkong is deadset on changing the skate world: she is the 20th professional female skater on the international ranking and opened the first female skate shop in Ghent, Belgium. Born in Thailand and raised in Belgium, she started skating from a very early age. Through hard work, dedication and networking she landed a role in the Olympic team of Thailand for the Olympics of 2020. She went to Tokio, but corona hit the world. Devastated, Orapan came back to Belgium where she continued to train every day and where she set her new sights: the Olympics of 2021, which is just around the corner.