This Was 2023: Flash Floods Kill Hundreds in Eastern Africa

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More than 400 people died after heavy rains caused floods and landslides in eastern DR Congo. Image from MONUSCO Photos.


500 people killed and tens of thousands displaced after extreme weather in Eastern Africa.

On Thursday, the 4th of May 2023, over 400 people lost their lives in flash floods in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). This comes after flooding and landslides killed 130 people in neighboring Rwanda the day before. In total, tens of thousands of people were displaced, with many losing their homes.

Despite contributing relatively little to the causes of climate change, this region of Africa bears the brunt of its impact through intensified weather patterns and natural disasters, such as these.

In an interview, Dr. Dennis Baldocchi, a climate change expert and professor at the University of California, Berkeley, explains the catastrophic nature of flash floods.

Header image from MONUSCO Photos. License.

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