This device will change the anaesthesiology game forever

Foto: Nicolas Huyghe


We made a multimedia project about sustainable circular economy for English 3. The medical world is a wasteful place, but Loore Nelen wants to be part of the change. Listen and watch her story. Loore Nelen, a gifted designer At …

Lost and Found: The eco-friendly shop with a genius concept

Inside the Lost and Found vintage store. (Foto: Lisa Pyckavet)


Mathilde Smessaert (28) has collected clothes from all over Europe. The unique garments are put up for sale in her secondhand shop, Lost and Found. The shop has no gender, but it does have four personalities. A peek inside the …

Sharing, to generate joy in others

Five people of different age groups and genders posing at a Partago car

Partago is a car sharing cooperative with 100% electric vehicles. (Photo © Partago)


We have done a lot of research on the topic of sharing, and our group of four concluded that carpooling is a good and often-used way to be conscious about the environment and climate. Partago, a car-sharing platform When it …